How it works

Babysitters UK is an online networking platform with the sole aim to assist parents in finding their perfect candidate.

Babysitters UK believe in transparency and keeping things simple which is why we have a no-nonsense pricing structure. So, say goodbye to expensive and confusing memberships often with hidden charges such as booking fees.

Babysitters UK Platinum membership can be purchased on a monthly or yearly basis and can be cancelled at any time prior to your next renewal.

Monthly Platinum Membership    £30 

Yearly Platinum Membership        £120

There are no booking fees or any other hidden charges, this is the price you will pay throughout your entire membership. Come and be part of our network, it’s quick and easy to join.


Additional Services:


Finding the perfect candidate can be challenging and time consuming. Why not allow us to source, screen and hand pick candidates specific to your requirements. We will:

If you would like more information on our vetting service, please contact us at



When you employ a Nanny, you become their employer. As an employer, you will need to consider how to calculate your employees’ wages, and pay their tax and national insurance, in addition to providing a weekly or monthly payslip dependant on the frequency your Nanny gets paid. We understand this can seem complex and time consuming but fear not, we have an in-house payroll team to help make paying your Nanny and associated taxes easy and hassle free. Please contact for more information.